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Healthcare Innovations student Amy Ignacio

Amy Ignacio always wanted to make an impact in the healthcare field. She was working for the Philippine Coast Guard when she was introduced to Bond’s Master of Healthcare Innovations program – a program that wasn’t offered in the Philippines, with similar programs available at only a handful of universities in Australia. Also, the appeal of the Gold Coast’s laidback lifestyle and sunshine year-round made Bond University an obvious choice. 

Amy is applying her studies directly to her role with the Philippine Coast Guard – she is currently preparing the implementation plan to introduce telehealth and e-records into the Coast Guard, as a key assessment item in one of her subjects.  

We asked Amy about her decision to study at Bond, and her experience in the program so far. 

Why did you choose to study the Master of Healthcare Innovations at Bond? 

When I was exploring studying in Australia, I initially thought I wanted to study public health. But when I met with a course counsellor as part of the Australia Awards scholarship process, the counsellor suggested that healthcare innovations may be a better choice for me. The uniqueness of Bond’s program caught my attention, particularly since it is not offered in the Philippines and only three universities in Australia have similar offerings.

I was drawn to the program at Bond because it was research-intensive, particularly in the context of healthcare applications. I held high expectations for Bond University based on its strong reputation and beautiful environment – I’d seen photos showcasing expansive open spaces and picturesque lakeside setting. Upon arrival, Bond University exceeded my expectations, and I was genuinely impressed by its remarkable campus and facilities. The decision to pursue this program at Bond University has been a rewarding and enriching experience.

What aspects of the program did you find most valuable or unique?

The Master of Healthcare Innovations program stands out for its thoughtfully designed structure, offering a unique blend of self-directed learning and intensive workshops. The incorporation of diverse resources such as podcasts, videos, and supplementary readings provided a wealth of information that I could explore independently. What particularly impressed me was the effectiveness of reinforcing and applying these learnings during the intensive workshops, where practical activities, case studies, and panel discussions enriched the educational experience. Another notable aspect of the program is the replacement of traditional sit-in exams with assessments that are research-intensive, requiring rigorous evaluation and analysis. This approach underscores the program’s commitment to emphasising practical applications, ensuring that the knowledge acquired is not only comprehensive but also readily applicable in real-world healthcare scenarios.

How do you hope this experience will enhance your future contributions in the medical field? 

My aim is to leverage the knowledge and skills acquired to significantly enhance my medical practice and make impactful contributions to the healthcare field, particularly within the Philippine Coast Guard. The planned re-entry action plan involves the implementation of a teleconsultation program and the adoption of an electronic medical record system, addressing a longstanding need to improve and streamline healthcare processes. Drawing from the insights gained during the one-year course, I aspire to bring about positive changes in our organisation. This includes improving access to healthcare delivery for Coast Guard personnel in remote, isolated, and rural areas. By instituting these advancements, I aim to contribute to the overall improvement of the Coast Guard medical service, instituting policies that enhance the healthcare delivery system and align with the mandated role of the Philippine Coast Guard. My goal is not only to modernise practices, but also ensure the highest standards of care for those serving in challenging environments.

Would you recommend the program to others, and if so, why?

 What sets this program apart is its holistic approach that blends business and healthcare topics to improve healthcare delivery strategies.

I would highly recommend individuals interested in healthcare improvement to immerse themselves in Bond’s Master of Healthcare Innovations program. This transformative course is a game-changer that introduces new ideas and refines existing ones to significantly enhance healthcare services and improve health outcomes. With a focus on innovating treatments and technology, students are encouraged to develop cutting-edge solutions and personalised treatment plans. This course also tackles issues such as infectious diseases and pandemics to enhance healthcare systems globally. Using health informatics and data analysis, the program enables data-driven healthcare for better diagnoses and personalised patient care. What sets this program apart is its holistic approach that blends business and healthcare topics to improve healthcare delivery strategies. Students are offered diverse perspectives from healthcare users, providers, and systems, allowing innovators to consider various angles and develop solutions that benefit all healthcare stakeholders. This program is an excellent choice for those seeking to make a meaningful impact and contribute to positive changes in the healthcare landscape.

Amy is a recipient of the Australia Awards Scholarship, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), which provides opportunities for people from developing countries – primarily in the Indo-Pacific region – to study at participating Australian institutions. Recipients develop their skills and knowledge here in Australian, then return home with a re-entry plan designed to drive change and contribute to development in their own countries.  You can learn more about these awards here


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