Curapel scientists launch convenient skin health supplement


Pellamex is a patented skin care supplement for eczema prone skin, previously only available in individual sachets of liquid solution, now relaunched in effervescent format to minimise the need for additives and preservatives and improve consumer experience. 


The active ingredient is a natural amino acid L-histidine which acts as a key building block for filaggrin​, a crucial skin barrier protein, alongside vitamins B2, B3, B7, vitamin E and zinc. 

“Filaggrin is important in maintaining a normal healthy skin barrier which is something we all need in an increasingly polluted world but especially those with dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin,” explained Peter Luebcke, CEO at Curapel.

“With eczema, filaggrin fails and so the skin barrier is much more fragile than in healthy skin. People think of eczema as an immunological deficiency but the core issue is having a poor skin barrier that lets in things to the skin that cause itching and redness and sometimes bleeding. 

“Our solution builds up the protein in the skin and maintains its integrity and, unlike creams and lotions, it reaches the entire skin area.”

A randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled study into the effects of the pellamex active ​supplementation in atopic dermatitis saw a 39% reduction in symptoms over a four-week period​. 

“This is the largest effect of any treatment affecting the skin barrier in atopic dermatitis that I have seen in a clinical trial – Seriously impressive effects,” commented Professor Mike Cork, Professor of Dermatology at the University of Sheffield. 


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